Fast 50s Parts USA Bar Clamp XR50 and CRF50 in RED Special Order


00-'13 Honda XR50/CRF50 Bar Clamp in Red.

Now available in 6 anodized colors!! Silver, Red, Black, Blue, Gold, or Sky blue.

The "Fast Clamp" is the "Original", The first triple clamp ever made for the XR and CRF 50.

Made from aircraft grade Billet aluminum. Machined Fast50s logo on top.

It has 2 adjustable settings for youth & adult. Moves the bars forward and up 1" so that you're more comfortable for any type of riding.

Holds any 7/8 bar without slipping.

Also available in our Complete Bar Kits.

Made in America.

Special order incur Shipping costs in addition to this price listed

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  • Shipping Weight: 10kgs

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