2020 DHZ OUTLAW 125E - Kick and electric start


$1530 In a Box  - includes freight to get from NSW to VIC


OR $1680 Fully assembled and Pre-serviced!




Engine Model: 1P52FMI

Engine Type: 4 Stroke - SOHC - Single Cylinder - Air Cooled

Cooling System: AIR COOL

Compression: 9.3:1 Bore/Stroke: 52.4mm x 55.5mm

Maximum Output KW/HP: 5.8kw / 7.78hp

Maximum Power / Rotating Speed: 8.5n.m / 5000rpm

Front/Rear Sprocket Tooth Count: 15/41T 420pitch

Starting System: Electric Start / Kick Start

Clutch Type: Multi Wet Clutch Plate

Transmission: 4 SPEED Manual - N1234 (4Up), Start in N Gear

Gear Ratio: Primary Reduction: 3.722 i1/i2/i3/i4: 2.833/1.706/1.238/0.958

Carburettor: PZ-26 Carburettor Air Filter: 38mm Air Filter

Intake: High Performance Intake Manifold Ignition: CDI Fuel Type: High Octane Unleaded Fuel (93 or higher)

Engine Oil Grade / Capacity: 20W/50 MINERAL 4 Stroke Engine Oil / 900ml

Magneto Type: Electronic Ignition System

Displacement: 125cc

Final Drive: KMC #420 106L Chain

Spark Plug: A7TC Plug

MATERIAL Frame: Seamless Heavy Duty Twin Tube Cradle Frame

Plastic Kit: Red / White Sticker: Red DHZ Sticker Kit Kick Starter:

Heavy Duty Kick Starter Gear Shifter: Standard Gear Shifter

Fuel Tank: with Plastic Petrol Cap

Chain Roller: Nylon Chain Roller Chain Guide: Heavy Duty Nylon Chain Guide Chain Adjuster: Standard Chain Adjuster

Footpeg: Heavy Duty Stainless Footpeg

Throttle: Standard Throttle Assembly

Levers: Steel Brake and Clutch Levers

Exhaust: Stainless Exhaust Pipe, Heavy Duty Alloy Muffler and Movable Siliencer

Handlebar: Heavy Duty Steel Tall

Handlebar Handlebar Grip: Soft Grip

Triple Clamp; Forged Polished Alloy Triple Clamp

Seat: Red Foam Seat

WHEELS AND TYRES Front Tyre: 60/100-14 Knobby Tyre

Front Wheel: 1.40 x 14 Black Rim with Heavy Duty Spokes & Alloy Hub Assembly, 15mm Axle

Front Rim Lock: No

Rear Tyre: 80/100-12 Knobby Tyre Rear Wheel: 1.85 x 12 Black Rim with Heavy Duty Spokes & Alloy Hub Assembly, 15mm Axle

Rear Rim Lock Yes

BRAKE SYSTEM AND SUSPENSION Front Suspension : 735mm Front Forks

Front Brakes : Front Hydraulic Brake with Disc Rotor, Twin Piston Calliper Front Brake Disk 190mm

Rear Suspension: 280mm Rear Shock

Swing Arm: Heavy Duty Single Swing Arm - Linkage: No

Rear Brakes: Rear Hydraulic Brake with Disc Rotor, Single Piston Callipper, Steel Bracket

Rear Brake Disk: 180mm Brake Pads: High Performance Copper Brake Pads

CAPACITY Fuel Capacity: 5.2L Engine Oil Capacity: 900ml

Tube Diameter of Muffler: 30mm

DIMENSIONS Handle Bar Height: 1060mm Seat Height: 780mm Ground Clearance / Wheel Base: 280mm / 1170mm

Actual Size: 1670mm (Length) x 106mm (Width) x 760mm (Height)

G.W. / N.W.: 86kgs / 71kgs Package Size: 1495mm (Length) x 405mm (Width) x 765 mm (Height)

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