FAQs Service & Maintenance

Buzz Bikes PL, has been trading for 14 years. We are a family owned and operated business and pride ourselves on our quality and friendly service.

We offer our customers a large range of Off-road products along with wall-to-wall spare parts, protective gear, clothing, accessories and a full on-site workshop.

The vast majority of our customers, choose to purchase their products 'Fully assembled and Pre-serviced' as opposed to, In a box...

We sell over 90% of our products ready to ride, to avoid any unforseen issues with products, that may arise during transport.

Buy offerring this service, our customers are re-assurred their product is ready to ride when they leave our shop!

We have designed this page to assist our customers with some 'Frequently asked Questions' we have identified over the years.

However, should your question not be listed, please contact our friendly staff and they will be more than happy to assist you.

In relation to maintaining your off-road product, you must be diligent. To ensure you get the most out of your product, it is highly advisable to keep up your maintenance.


1. If I assemble my own product, after I fit the parts, is it OK to ride?


A. No, after you fit the parts required for assembly, we reccomend you go over the entire product and ensure everything is tight. This includes, levers, cables, other parts that were already fitted to the product, nuts and bolts, spokes, hubs etc..


2. Does my product already have oil in it when I purchase it?

A. Yes, most products will have engine oil in them. However, it is advisable to check the oil level before you ride it. During our full assembly and pre-service, we will check the oil level, and if neccessary, top it up, to ensure it has enough.


3. If I do a full oil change, what oil do I use and how much?


A. As most of our products are 4 stroke, we reccomend, Motul 3000 - 4T. This is a mineral oil and we have found it is a great option for our products. Obviously, if you have a 2 stroke product, you will use a 2 stroke oil, in which Motul have a great range also. How much oil you use, will depend on the size of your engine. For eg: most of our products sold are between 50cc - 160cc, For these size engines, you would use approx 800-900ml for a full oil change. To test if your oil level is sufficient, you need to sit your dipstick into the oil opening, as opposed to screwing it in. 


4. What petrol should I use in my bike / ATV?


A. We reccomend using normal unleaded fuel. We have found that premium fuel can go stale quicker and in turn, can cause blockages in the jets in your carby. It is advisable to put an in-line fuel filter on your bike to protect you carby from dirt particles that may be in your fuel or tank getting through.


5. My air filter is dirty, can I wash it?


A. This depends on the filter you have..If you have the perforated steel, paper lined filter, then NO. Once these filters are dirty, they will not be protecting your carby / engine from dirt and dust. We highly advise all our cutomers to upgrade to a Uni Filter or sometimes known as a Pod Filter. These will protect your product better and are able to be removed, washed, dried and re-used many times over. Uni Filter provides a cleaner and oil to use on your filter to ensure it lasts. ( we sell all these products in-store)


6. My Bike wont idle, What should I do?


A. This could be that your choke is still on? Using your choke is advisable to warm the bike up, but once warm, prior to riding, you should turn it off. It could also be that your carby needs tuning. Most carbies will have an idle screw which is normally a little gold screw, located on the side of the carby. If this is the case, you will need a flat head screwdriver to turn it. You may only need to turn it 1/4 turn, you will hear the bikes revs slow down as you do it, which will indicate how far or less you need to turn. However, some carbies idle screw can be located underneath the carby. If this is the case, you will need and 90 degree tuning screwdriver to access it. You may also need to adjust your air / fuel mixtures in the carby over time as the bikes has been ridden more often.


7. My bike has no spark, what could this be?


A. No spark can indicate a few things. Unfortunately with the electrics system, it is normally a process of elimination. Firstly you would check your spark plug. If it is really black at the end, you may need a new one. We reccomend NGK plugs. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to check your coil. If this still does not create a spark, you will need to investigate the other electrical components. These include: Fuse, CDI, Voltage regulator, Solenoid, magneto and loom. Or you could drop the bike into our workshop and we will fix it for you..


8. My chain came off while I was riding and now my bike wont start?


A. Keeping your chain tensioned is a priority when owning an off-road product. As the terrain your riding on can cause alot of movement in the rear end of your bike. It is not uncommon for chains to come off, or break when loose. It will normally spin off your front sprocket and break the electric pick-up module on your magneto and sometimes your engine side cover will also be smashed or cracked. This will result in your bike not starting and you will need to replace the whole magneto baking plate.


9. My tyre keeps going flat, even after I had a tube fitted?


A. One of the most common problems in relation to tyres going flat, can be you have loose spokes..Most people dont check their spokes regularly. You should check your spokes after every couple of rides to ensure they are firm, but dont over tighten. You may also have torn your valve off, if the inner tube has spun on the rim. The best way to avoid this is to get a rim lock fitted. This involves our mechanic drilling a whole in your rim on the opposite side to your valve and installing the rim lock. By having this it will greatly minimise the tubes movement and therefor will alieviate your tubes and tyres going flat. Unless off course your tyre is actually damaged.


10. I want my bike to go faster and perform better. Is there anything I can do?


A. Of course there is!! There are several things you can do to increase the performance in your bike. Deppending on the carby you have, we could re-jet it, or, you could upgrade to a bigger carby. For eg: you have a 26mm Mikuni, you could put a 28-30mm OKO carby kit on it. This would make a big difference. It depends how far you want to go!! You could replace your stock CDI unit with a racing CDI, or your stock coil with a NGK racing coil...Even better, depending on what engine you have, you could put a TB kit on it !! With most of our race bikes that were a stock 160cc, we have put 172cc or 184cc TB Big Bore upgrade kits on them. The options are endless!! Please contact our staff to discuss what is best for you and your bike!!


11. I've been looking for a bike for a while, why should I buy from Buzz Bikes?


A. Because we have over 5 major brands under the one roof! So no need to go any further...As previously stated, you can buy products elsewhere, or on the internet in a box, but you can not be certain about what you are getting. We have over 14 years of knowledge and experience, not only with our products, but with customers. Anyone can sell a bike, but can they offer friendly aftersales service? Since we started trading, we have seen over 10 of our competitors go out of business.

WHY, because they either have'nt had the knowledge of the products they are selling or the ability to communicate effectively with customers.             

As a small family owned and operated business, we started working out of our garage, on what we thought would be a small sideline business.

However, we grew way faster than first predicted and therefor, moved into our factory.

Our constant striving to provide an affordable option for Off-road products for the whole family, is our mission. Everyone is so busy these days, that our recreational activities are normally the first thing to go, or be minimised as people cant afford it? That is why we endevour to offer other options to the average branded products being over $3000 for a bike for one child?

At Buzz Bikes, For $3000 you could almost get a bike for a couple of kids and mum or dad!! Please come in-store and see what products we have that suit you...From something to putt around your property, too something that you guys that want to race..

We have not only new bikes, but also stock a large range of used bikes.. We also wreck bikes, so we have alot of second hand parts available!


And if we haven't got what you need, we will do our very best to get it!